What is Mineral Water?

Mineral water is tapped from a natural water source that’s free of harmful bacteria and chemicals making it safe for consumption without any need for harsh purification methods.

Aqua D’Ville is free of any chemical additives and purifiers, and provides your body with a range of health benefits:

  • Rich in calcium which promotes bone health
  • Contains minerals that help metabolise nutrients
  • Magnesium helps regulate blood pressure
  • 7.5 pH level helps reduce acidity in the body
  • Increases concentration and mental alertness
  • Boosts overall hydration levels of the body
Where do you source your water from?

Aqua D’Ville Mineral Water sources its water from underground aquifers on the D’Ville Farm in Durbanville. Aquifers are underground layers of water-bearing penetrable rock.

Do you add anything to your water?

Nothing is added to the water tapped by Aqua D’Ville.

What does your water cost?
  • Refill your container: R2 per liter.
  • Aqua D’Ville bottled water. Please contact us for prices.
  • We process BULK ORDERS. Please contact us for prices.


Why buy Aqua D'Ville water?

The favourable TDS and pH levels of the water tapped by Aqua D’Ville ensures a bottled water product of a premium quality.